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We stock a supply of used computer parts for anyone who has a use for them. Weather you’re a collector, do it yourselfer or just looking for a replacement part we may have it in stock. If you don’t see it here then ask we may have it but it’s not listed yet. Then again if you need it, we will look for it for you.
                                                   More Parts at the links below!
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8200 motherboard
Micronics Motherboard
Supero370 Motherboard
Dell Dimension 8200 Motherboard 7E598
With PCI Extention Card 1H315.
comes with mounting tray,Pentium 4 processor and heat sinks.
Product# 73  

Micronics ATX motherboard
09-00273-38   ATX- Phoenix
Soc7,4PCI,4 ISA, 4-72 Simm,M7S-Hi
Part# 74  
Supero 370SSM MicroATX motherboard
Rev 1.1  370PGA
product# 75  
Dell Optiplex Motherboard
Intel ATX Motherboard
Intel Mother Board
Dell Optiplex GX260 Motherboard
comes with mounting tray,Pentium 4
processor & heat sinks. (Mpga 478B)
Product# 76  
 Intel ATX Motherboard SE440BX-2
Used and tested, Two (2) ISA slots
 Sold with Pentium II Processor 449MHZ and heat sinks
Product# 96  

Intel DR742E-MATX-C600 ATX Mother Board
Used, works and removed from a MicronPC ClientPro desktop.
Sold with a Celeron (PGA370) 600MHZ processor and heat sink.
Product# 97  

Dell 3000 Mother Board
Dell Mother Board
Gateway Dx4300 Mother Board
Not tested but taken out of a working computer.
Product # 20 

Dell Dimension 3000 Mother Board
(untested) comes with a Pentium 4 and an I/O shield
Product# 19   

Dell ATX motherboard DLOXPO1
Used works, Removed from a Dell Optiplex GX110.
Sold with a Pentium III processor 933MHZ and Heat sink.
Product# 105  

Network NIC Card
USB controller card
Analog Modem
3 Com 
Network NIC Card 10/100
Product# 88  Price: $ 5.00
Adaptec USB Controller Card
2 port high speed PCI Card 2.0
(used and tested)
Product# 87  Price: $6.00
Analog PCI Modem
Product# 86  Price: $3.00
PCIe Video card
US Robotics modem “Sportster”
model# 0460 56K
Product# 90R  Price: $4.00

3-D Force PCIe Video card
 3D Force B-32Plus 82088
Product# 92 Price: $8.00
Generic modem 
Product# 100  Price: $3.00

Creative Labs Sound Card
Nvidia Video Card
10/100 NIC
Creative Labs Sound Blaster 
PCI sound card. CT4870
(used and tested)
Product# 83  Price: $10.00
Nvidia GeForce3 Video Card
MS-8851 Ver:120 64MB VGA
Model# p50 (used and tested)
Product# 84  Price: $11.00
 3Com 10/100 network interface card
Product# 91  Price: $5.00
Hitachi Hard Drive
riser card
Diamond Modem
Hitachi travelstar Laptop Hard drive
(used and tested)
Product# 12  Price: $16.00

Dell PCI Riser Card
Product# 104  Price: $22.00
Diamond Supra 56K Modem
Brand new sealed in box!
Product# 85  Price: $9.00
Intel CoProcessor
Network Card
PCI Card
Intel Math Coprosessor
New in box
Product #17  Price: $14.00
SoHo Ware
10/100 network PCI card
New in Box
Product# 53  Price: $8.50
Belkin Network PCI card
New in Box   10/100
Product# 54  Price: $8.50
Model# DH-52R2P08C
(used and tested)
Product# 11  Price: $15.50
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